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Who are the 3 previous winners of the Valsper Champs? - answer at the end of this newsletter.

April the 3rd. Lock the dates in. This is when entries will open for this year’s Waggle Duff Fantasy Golf league. Starting with The Masters and ending with The Open Championship.

Prizes will be given out for all finishing in the overall league Top 5, with thanks to our sponsors; INNIT.STORE & Freddie Meikle Golf.

You can find the full rules here if you haven’t played Waggle Duff before. I have been running the league for a few years and have welcomed just over 300 players from around the World. We are truly the greatest community of golf fans!

In a nutshell, each Monday the player list is published on waggleduff.com and you can tweet your team or submit your team via the form on the page. Your first pick is your captain, and 2 picks must be 50/1+.

There is an overall league table running and the top 128 will qualify for the WAGGLE CUP! More to come on that one.

Thank you for your support as Waggle Duff returns, good luck this season, and see you soon.

With thanks to the incredible Andy (@GolfTipsChecker). Here are the most backed players this week. Find out more about his work here.

Who are the Waggle Duff tipsters? And who are they backing this week;

Firstly, I am delighted to welcome Jamie to the Waggle Duff team. He’s a well-respected golf tipster and I am thrilled to have him for a little while. Please follow him on twitter (JS_GolfingTips) and you can read his full Valspar Championship preview here.

Jamie started on twitter as a low key Golf punter. Progressed into a successful Golf podcast where he interviewed numerous professional guests and previewed every tournament on the PGA Tour/DP World Tour for 2 years. Have since wrote Betting Preview for an Odds Comparison company where he has consistently return profit over 18 months.

  • Matt Fitzpatrick 16/1

  • Justin Rose 22/1

  • Ben Griffin 35/1

  • Alex Smalley 60/1

  • Matt NeSmith 100/1

RH_G0lf continues to grind many tours, this week he is with Jamie on Rose & Griffin. You can see more of his work on the website and Twitter.

  • Justin Rose 25/1

  • Ben Griffin 50/1

  • Taylor Moore 66/1

  • Ben Taylor 125/1


To celebrate the return of Waggle Duff, I am doing a free giveaway! It’s great to be back and good luck to all those who have re-tweeted and followed thus far!

UK/I Only, L/XL gloves only!

Matt on the course

I was going to say the season is about to start, but it’s been a cold couple of weeks! I did get out for 9 holes at Gaudet Luce in Worcestershire and am back seeing my coach Freddie Meikle. When I stopped playing last year my handicap had skipped up from scratch to 2. I am currently looking at moving house, subsequently, I am also looking for a new golf course. If anyone has any recommendations near Bicester or Worcester please let me know!

Definitely need to sharpen up before deciding what/if I am going to play any competitive golf this year. I have the urge to play some pro stuff, just to tick off the bucket list. But we will see…..

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Reach out, and I will either offer you something for your clubs/ golf equipment or list it in the next newsletter for sales. Free of charge.

Thanks for reading the first edition of the Waggle Duff Digest, please subscribe below, and good luck with your plays at the Valspar. Waggle Duff is coming back soon!

Question Answer, 2022 – Sam Burns, 2021 – Sam Burns, 2020 – No play (COVID), 2019 – Paul Casey


Matt Tizzard is a “former” +1 Golfer, currently drifting between 0 and 4! Usually found behind the laptop as a specialist Golf Writer and founder of Waggle Duff. Matt is an expert in tournament previews, player interviewing and equipment reviews across the golf industry. Not a tipster, but a golf data fanatic who shares his thoughts! Matt has featured on Golf Podcasts, YouTube Channels and written hundreds of articles for many golf publishers. You can find out more about Matt’s work here.